1.1Identification/selection of E-CAM MD codes for developmentDeliverable 1.1 10.5281/zenodo.841694
1.2Classical MD E-CAM modules IDeliverable 1.2
1.3Classical MD E-CAM modules IIDeliverable 1.3
2.1Electronic structure E-CAM modules IDeliverable 2.1
2.3Electronic structure E-CAM modules IIDeliverable 2.3
3.1Quantum dynamics E-CAM modules IDeliverable 3.1
4.1Identification/selection of E- CAM meso and multi-scale modelling codes for developmentDeliverable 4.110.5281/zenodo.841696
4.2Meso- and multi-scale modelling E-CAM modules IDeliverable 4.2
5.1ESDW Guidelines and Programme IDeliverable 5.1 10.5281/zenodo.841722
5.2ESDW Guidelines and Programme IIDeliverable 5.210.5281/zenodo.841731
5.3ESDW Guidelines and Programme IIIDeliverable 5.3
6.1ESDW Technical Software GuidelinesDeliverable 6.110.5281/zenodo.841735
6.2E-CAM Software Development ToolsDeliverable 6.2
6.3E-CAM Software Platform IDeliverable 6.310.5281/zenodo.841751
6.4E-CAM Software Platform IIDeliverable 6.4
6.5E-CAM Software Platform IIIDeliverable 6.5
7.1Hardware Developments IDeliverable 7.110.5281/zenodo.929533
7.2E-CAM software porting and benchmarking data I Deliverable 7.2
7.3Hardware Developments II Deliverable 7.3
9.1E-CAM Public Wiki and newsletters I Deliverable 9.110.5281/zenodo.841757
11.5Data Management PlanDeliverable 11.510.5281/zenodo.841766