Our services


  • pilot projects, targeted at solving specific problems posed by the E-CAM industrial partners and that require using modelling techniques
  • open access to our software repositories, containing the software modules that we create at our training events and in the pilot projects



  • state-of-the-art workshops, that serve to monitor software developments, identify new directions and transfer knowledge into industry and academia
  • scoping workshop, where industrialists can expose their software needs; and interact with the academic and software developers community
  • possibility to engage industry in discussions with experts in E-CAM, that can
    1. assist on business decision as to whether computational methods can be effectively applied to a given problem with good cost/benefit ratio
    2. define of the most appropriate modelling strategy for a given problem within and across the scientific areas of E-CAM
    3. survey existing methods to establish whether a given modelling strategy requires new developments or can be enacted with existing tools
    4. evaluate the accuracy of available methods for a given problem
    5. develop, document, validate and benchmark of new software, for packages structured by combining modules already present in the E-CAM repositories or of interfaces with community codes belonging to the E-CAM partnership
    6. assist in selecting the most appropriate hardware architecture