From idea to market

The capability through simulation to gain an intimate understanding of  molecular mechanisms governing the behaviour of  hard and soft matter is remarkable,  with far reaching consequences for the development of advanced materials,  molecular medicines and diagnostics.  This capability not only provides a means to explain a process – it also allows new ones to be imagined, validated  and ultimately made real in experiment using, for example, genetic engineering in the context of molecular biology and biotechnology.  In societies such as ours where goods and services are exchanged through markets – this translates into the development of commercial opportunities.  The metamorphosis of ideas originating in simulation into market opportunities and their stories, is the theme of this page.

  • Proof of concept  : Metamorphosis

    Proof of concept : Metamorphosis

      Abstract  The transformation of a beautiful idea born via simulation into a commercial opportunity is described as it progresses from proof of concept towards a product. At the heart of this ongoing story is advanced simulation using massively parallel computation and rare-event methods.Read More »
  • Protein based biosensors: application in detecting influenza

    Protein based biosensors: application in detecting influenza

    Donal MacKernan, University College Dublin & E-CAM An E-CAM transverse action is the development of a protein based sensor (pending patent filled in by UCD[1,2]) with applications in medical diagnostics, scientific visualisation and therapeutics. At the heart of the sensor is a novel protein based molecular switch which allows extremely sensitive real time measurement of …Read More »
  • From Rational Design of Molecular Biosensors to Patent and potential Start-up

    From Rational Design of Molecular Biosensors to Patent and potential Start-up

      Dr. Donal Mackernan, University College Dublin Abstract The power of advanced simulation combined with statistical theory , experimental know-how and high performance computing is used to design a protein based molecular switch sensor with remarkable sensitivity and significant industry potential. The sensor technology has applications across commercial markets including diagnostics, immuno-chemistry, and therapeutics.  Read More »