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If you have a question relating to E-CAM’s software development activities please complete the form below. Questions might include:

  • Users seeking general programming advice and guidelines
  • Users seeking advice on methods, algorithms, applications, performance analysis
  • Users looking for a consistent building and testing environment for their applications
  • Users wishing to add functionality to the E-CAM Software Repositories

E-CAM will generate a software repository in each of its four scientific research areas. These repositories might include

  • interfacing libraries for intercommunication between various software packages,
  • an optimised I/O subsystem for efficient I/O on HPC systems,
  • algorithm implementations and interfaces for user-specified common cases, or additional language binding for interfaces.

If you are interested in our research areas and/or similar topics then please use to contact form to get in touch.

Use this form to submit any technical queries.

Technical Questions