E-CAM delivers training through the following instruments.

Extended Software Development Workshops

These workshops train scientists in the development of modular codes for high performance machines. Documentation and testing are key components of the workshops and the associated on-line manuals and test cases are made available through the E-CAM software repository. ESDWs are open to postdocs, senior graduate students and early career researchers in industry and academia.

For our in-person training events we refer you to our events calendar.

E-CAM Online Training Portal

E-CAM wishes to develop an appropriate online training infrastructure over the course of the project. To this end, we recently launched the E-CAM Training Portal.

We are establishing strong partnerships with PRACE and other similar initiatives in Europe and the US in order to provide innovative training content that can bring the E-CAM user communities to extreme scale.

Other training opportunities

Software Carpentry

In the development of it’s own training material, E-CAM will take the example of the Software Carpentry Foundation who are leaders in the field of developing collaboratively created, open source training content for teaching researchers computational skillsets.

Software Carpentry maintains a set of core lessons that form the basic toolbox of a computational researcher, and from which they can develop more complex skills. The core lessons webpage  also contains video presentations of the core lessons, as well as links to all of the source material.

In particular, given the the main E-CAM software development service is our GitLab repository, we recommend that all members of the E-CAM community are familiar with the version control system Git. Git is core content within the Software Carpentry syllabus, with the both basic and more advanced material available.

List of online HPC training repositories

The list below was compiled by the group that have been coordinating the “Best Practices in HPC Training” workshop at SC14, SC15 and SC16.

NERSC Training Page
University of Illinois College of Engineering Computational Science and Engineering
HPC University
OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (OSCER)
Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS) Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)
CINECA – SuperComputing Applications and Innovation
ARCHER – UK National Supercomputing Service
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Training
HPC textbook and a parallel programming textbook under CC license
Software Carpentry
Data Carpentry
HPC Carpentry
Computational Science Education Reference Desk
Petascale education modules
Programming on Parallel Machines textbook
Open Encyclopedia of Parallel Algorithmic Features
submission scripts –
supercomputing in plain english
MPI tutorial
Code Vault for HPC code samples
PRACE training resources
HPC novice intro
XSEDE training catalog
HPC University training and education resources
VISIT visualization tutorial
Intro to visualization
Paraview visualization tutorial
Large data visualization
Matlab documentation
2016 Argonne Training Program on Extreme Scale Computing (ATPESC) *** 2016 ATPESC Videos Now Online *** Videos of the presentations captured at the 2016 Argonne Training Program on Extreme Scale Computing (ATPESC) are available online. Topics include hardware architectures, programming models and languages, numerical algorithms and software, visualization, data analysis, and I/O. To view the videos, visit