E-CAM events are part of the annual CECAM flagship programme, and are hosted at the different CECAM Nodes locations.

E-CAM runs three categories of events every year:

  • Scoping workshops (SCOWs)
  • State-of-the-art workshop (SAWs)
  • Extended Software Development Workshops (ESDWs)

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12:00 am
The overarching theme of this proposed E-CAM Transverse Extended Software Development Workshop is the design and control of molecular machines including sensors, enzymes, therapeutics, and transporters built as fusion proteins or nanocarrier-protein complexes, and in[...]
12:00 am
In Discrete Element Methods the equation of motion of large number of particles is numerically integrated to obtain the trajectory of each particle [1]. The collective movement of the particles very often provides the system[...]
12:00 am
The general topic of the event is computational methods to study multiphase flows [1,2]. Such methods are applied in very different disciplines, such as statistical physics, materials science, applied mathematics, and engineering, with applications ranging[...]
Monash University Prato Center