E-CAM events are part of the annual CECAM flagship programme, and are hosted at the different CECAM Nodes locations.

E-CAM runs three categories of events every year:

  • Scoping workshops (SCOWs)
  • State-of-the-art workshop (SAWs)
  • Extended Software Development Workshops (ESDWs)
    For a definition click here.

12:00 am
Organizers Sara Bonella CECAM@EPFL, Switzerland Aaron Kelly Dalhousie University, Canada Florent Calvo CECAM-FR-RA et CBP, France Cyril Falvo Universite Paris Sud, France Description The proposed workshop will gather a broad community of researchers in the[...]
Jul 8 – Jul 19 all-day
12:00 am
Organizers Basile Curchod Durham University, United Kingdom Federica Agostini Université Paris-Sud, France Graham A. Worth University College London, United Kingdom Description Quantum molecular dynamics simulations are pivotal to understanding and predicting the microscopic details of[...]
Durham University